I’m a physiotherapist. I completed my physiotherapy master degree at Roma “La Sapienza” University.

I’m also an athlete and i practise triathlon and OCR.

I wanted to combine my knowledge of sporting injuries and the detailed structured assessment of the musculoskeletal physiotherapy. My aim of treatment is to find the source of the symptoms,improve them and ensure the patients understand their pathology and prognosis, while also addressing contributing factors.
I principally deal with manual therapy and posture. In the past, I treated people with neurological and movement disorders, receiving great personal satisfaction in helping to improve quality of their everyday life.
Now I use my treatment for all type of athletes. I use manual therapy sequences and techniques that are highly effectiveness in post-traumatic problems and joint biomechanics, reducing the risk of injury.

Articular therapy application decreases injuries’ recovery time: my treatment can change your sport life!

I work in Rome e in Venafro (IS). Use my contacts details to book your appointment. contacts.

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