by Dr. Giorgio Giannini


The method consists in observation of articular function, evaluation and reactivation technique.

Metodo BTS migliora la risposta motoria

The goal is biomechanics reactivation for correct body in terms of the correct space body position, that environmental stimuli create. This methodology causes musculoskeletal adjustments to reach perfect posture. The functional recovery of a demaged osteoskeletal muscle zones allows a normal articular capacity without zone stress.

This therapy can restore correct posture for improved sport performance and restore biomechanical balance by promoting physiological articulation. The structural manipulation can be integrated with muscle conditioning work to reduce injury time by acting a personalized, programs on abnormal muscles activities.

Immagine metodo BTS applicato a problemi posturali

The best treatment advantage can be observed in places where spinal column creates bending, rotation and crushing compensation. These defects,cause a range of problems problems: from irritable and compressive nerve sphincter syndromes to muscle pain throughout the body, linked to refractive contractures resulting from load changes involving the limbs.

Manual treatments give a stimulus to deratote are of fundamental importance to the well-being of the organism. They act by delating intersomatic spaces, combined with stretching, restoring and strengthening therapies of the muscles involved.

BTS method maximizes motor skills with a hight success rate (+ 85%) on postural problems that causes pain, decreased motor skills, reduced sports performance, abnormal muscular tension, joint blocks, inflammatory conditions, muscle damage.



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