BTS methodology is an innovative manual therapy that increase body’s performance and functionality. By this methodology you can speed up injury recovery and prevent problems related to postural and joint disorders.
Best results are achieved at competitive sports level in order to prevent osteo-muscle-tendinous system damage and ensure great joint efficacy. Therefore this methodology increases athletic potential and reduce accidental injury related to an atypical articular biomechanics. This therapy restore the biomechanical balance ensuring a physiological articulation.

Structural body manipulation affects muscles, tendons, capsules, ligaments, which are not only motion organs but also sense organs engaged in receiving environmental stimulations.

This concept is important from a posturological point of view, as it influences skeletal muscle response to external stimuli, such as touch, skin pressure, and other structural variations of mechanical origin, causing local or systemic organic variants. This sensory system provides information about the environment (internal and external), allowing the central nervous system to know and adapt the position and status of each muscle, bone, organ, and system.